Pivot Point 

    S  T   R   A   T   E   G   I   E   S

Founder & Managing Partner

member, employee, consultant and/or coach for numerous innovative, high-growth organizations throughout the high tech, consumer , distribution, and nonprofit industries. 
She holds a BA. degree in Economics from Davidson College and an MBA from Stanford University.  


Who We Are


​We admire passionate people who see a problem and find clever and sometimes inspiring ways to create solutions - in spite of what others construe as obstacles.

Our passion is to help passionate people execute their vision. Basically, whenever you have an idea, we produce a strategy to make that idea work. And then we execute the strategy. 

 Engaging nonprofit boards,
 executive directors, and founders
 to achieve high-impact, sustainable growth

Lee S. Raney leads Pivot Point Strategies with a core focus on building sustainable growth, innovation, team development and fun.  

Over the last 35 years, she has been at various times been a board 

Alliance Partners

To achieve high-impact results, we often work with key alliance partners offering complimentary services such as research, logo development, branding, social media, communications, website design, and systems integration.

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The Way We Work

Independently INNOVATIVE     

Deliberately COLLABORATIVE    

Strategically RESULTS-ORIENTED        

We work together with our clients to co-create their vision. Our broad experience helps clients quickly achieve results—while setting up the infrastructure to sustain these gains—and stimulates a strong collaborative partnership with our clients.

Using simple yet powerful frameworks for analyzing and adjusting business models we build greater organizational sustainability, measured growth and high-impact results.